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I'm a Full Stack Developer from New Zealand. I aim to make a difference through my creative solution.

A highly motivated and hardworking individual, who is currently doing Master of Information Technology in University of Waikato. Seeking an apprenticeship in the programming industry to build upon a keen scientific interest and start a career as a Developer. Mechanically minded, with a methodical approach to working and an eagerness to learn and develop personal skills in a practical setting. Eventual career goal is to become a fully-qualified and full-stack Developer, with the longer-term aspiration of moving into project management.

Name : Yiming Zhen
Date of birth : October 20, 1991
Address : 24D Hogan Street.
Phone : + 64 0274281217
Interest : part-time, full-time




Website Builder & Web Admin @ Buyfood.co.nz

Nov 2017 – Apr 2018

Build a website www.buyfood.co.nz and took the role in managing this website.

Technical Research Assistant @ University of Waikato

(May 2017 – May 2018)

I participate two projects of University of Waikato, the final aim of the first project is to detect the fraud transactions using the bank transaction details. The objective of the second project is to visualize the data in bar charts or pie charts.

    Achievements and responsibilities:
  • Vigilance Project:
    1. Using JAVA language to achieve the theory and formula of detecting fraud transaction.
    2. Summary the result which transaction is considered as a fraud transaction.
    3. Illustrating the result in a clickable graph.
    4. I have understood how the Map object works deeply, how JAVA pass arguments.
  • Gallagher Project:
    1. Designing the mongodb.
    2. I was working on the front-end, retrieving data from mongodb, then draw the data in charts using dc, d3, c3, nvd3, jquery and bootstrap libraries, etc…
    3. Adding extra features to filter chart.

C# Programming @ Mysong Culture (麦颂文化传播有限公司)

Nov 2016 – Feb 2017

What this company dose is to run a chain of KTV, this company has about 100 KTV store in Beijing. Achievements and responsibilities:

  1. I have learned many ways to make an application instead of using Windows Form programming such as MVVM.
  2. My job in the development department in this company is to create, maintain and update an application for payment, booking and keeping the accounts for each KTV store using C# and MYSQL data base.
  3. And the background settings for the supplier, state of the store and inventory of the goods.


MInforTech | University of Waikato

July 2018 - Present

BSc in Computer Science | University of Waikato

July 2014 - July 2017


High Achievement Scholarship for International Students.

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